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It’s easy to choose and have fish prepared at our instore fish counter. In fact, our experts will do most of the work for you.

How to Buy Fish

You can find an amazing variety of fresh fish and seafood at our instore fish counter. Ask counter colleagues for advice if you are not sure what to choose. 

We’ll Prepare it for You

Our fishmongers can skin, de-bone and fillet your fish at the counter. They can even pop your chosen fish into a seal and cook bag. 

Healthier Eating with Fish

Want to get your recommended two portions of fish each week? With a wide range of fish available at the counter there’s nothing stopping you. Don’t forget to alternate between the fishes to keep things interesting.

Did You Know?

Cooking fish in a bag is quick, mess-free and healthier than frying. Choose a bag and butter block or a masala marinade at the fish counter.

Fish tastes better on the bone, which keeps it moist and enhances the flavour.