Cook Fish with Our Top Tips

Does the fresh fish counter at Checkout Superstore make your taste buds tingle? The beautifully displayed fish has your stomach rumbling but you’re unsure how to cook fish? Well, don’t wait any longer! Stop by our fresh fish counter and read our top tips below to cook fish like an expert chef.

Did you know you can also get a FREE oven bag along with complimentary butter blocks and/or masala marinades with every fish order?! Cooking it in our oven bags not only reduces mess, it also preserves all the juices. The result is a beautifully cooked, tender and juicy fish.

Read below with our top 7 tips on how to perfectly cook fish like never before:

  1. Marinate your fish with our butter blocks and masala marinades. This will enhance the taste of the fish and give you that flavour you’ve been craving. You can also add in lemon to the marinade 15 minutes before cooking. The acids from the lemon with help cook the fish cook a tad bit quicker.

  2. When grilling fish, layer your fish with lemon slices. Create a layer of lemon between your fish and the grill. This will prevent your fish from sticking and add a delicious lemony twist.

  3. In a rush? Wrap your fillets individually in foil, add a bit of chopped onion, salt and pepper, and a sprig of dill. Bake for 30 minutes in a 175 °C oven. Then, unwrap to reveal a tender, flavourful fish.

  4. Love fish but not a fan of the smell it leaves in your home? Minimise the smell by baking it in foil, parchment/greaseproof paper parcel or our oven bags. Season it well, this will help mask that fishy smell. Cooking it in some sort of wrapping will also help keep all the flavour inside and the fish succulent.

  5. Figuring out the proper cooking time for fish can be tricky. Here’s an easy fool-proof tip. Measure the fish at its thickest part. Estimate 10 minutes of cooking time for every inch of thickness. If your fish is 1 inch thick, you would cook it on one side for 5 minutes, then, flip and cook on the other side for 5 minutes.

  6. Always cook fish skin-side down first. Not only will it produce a crisp exterior, but you’ll also avoid overcooking. A good rule of thumb is to avoid flipping your fish too much. Leave the fish skin-side down for three-quarters of the cooking time, and only flip it over for a few minutes to finish.

  7. If you’re looking to cook a frozen fish, then cover it with milk when thawing …sounds odd but it really does the trick! It’ll keep it tasting fresh and no one will ever know that you cooked up a frozen fish.

There you have it guys. You can’t go wrong when cooking a fish using our tips above. Stay tuned for more tips and recipes on how to cook up a beautiful fish for dinner. Click here to find out the different variety of fish that you can find at Checkout Superstore.

Do you like seafood? What’s your favourite type of fish? Let us know about your love for seafood in the comments down below.


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