Year of the Ox, Happy Chinese New Year!


Around this time of year, many people will fill their homes with lanterns, lights and prepare their homes and hearts to usher in the Chinese New Year. For those that follow the lunisolar calendar, New Years’ takes place at a different time than those that follow the Gregorian calendar.


Red, is one of the main colours used in the new year festival as it is considered an auspicious colour. You’ll find red decor everywhere this time of year. At Checkout Superstore, our party section located on the 2nd floor houses a wide variety of party decor from festive lights, lanterns, balloons and countless other items. Festivities begin on Chinese New Year’s Eve, February 11th and commence 16 days after. It’s a world-wide celebration that takes place in China, Chinatowns around the world and those that observe Chinese tradition in their homes. Lights will be lit, lanterns will be hung, and children will be gifted red envelopes filled with lucky money from adults.

Welcoming the New Year

In preparation of the Lunar New Year, people will deep clean their homes to rid themselves of bad luck. Noodles are often served around this time of the year as noodles are believed to bring good fortune. Families prepare an extravagant layout of seafood, noodles and other delicious food for the New Year.

At Checkout, our newly opened fresh fish counter has a variety of seafood selection available. Stop by Checkout Superstore and pick up everything you need for Chinese New Year. You can find salmon, sardines, plaice, monk tail and much more!

We also have a unique kiosk dedicated to fireworks only on the 2nd floor which will be a great way to celebrate and start the New Year. 

The year of the Ox

2021 is the year of the Ox. The Ox known for its incredible strength, reliability, fairness and as well as inspiring confidence in others. They may seem fierce, but they are also known to be calm, patient, methodical and trustworthy – although also very opinionated, strong-willed and potentially stubborn creatures. A reminder to us all this New Year to stay true to ourselves, and resilient even as the times get though.

Wishing you a happy and blessed Chinese New Year from the Checkout Superstore family to yours!

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