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Christmas Turkey

From the turkey, minced pies, lights and oh, the presents – Christmas is a cherished holiday all over the world. However, Christmas requires a bit of planning and a lot of work! Give yourself a break this Christmas and some much-needed Christmas cheer after the year we’ve all had.

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Roast that Turkey

Roasting a turkey is no easy task. Already sweating about how you’ll perfectly roast that beautiful bird in all its glory? Read below on our top 5 tips on how to roast your turkey:

1. Setting the temperature

It’s always best to follow your turkeys specific cooking instructions. However, as a general rule, most turkeys can be cooked in a 180 (160, gas mark 4) preheated oven for 35 minutes per kg (including post-stuffing). Towards the end of the turkeys cooking time, approximately 15 minutes prior, remove the foil to help the skin crisp.

2. Load up on veggies

When preparing to roast your turkey, cook it on a rack of vegetables. Fill the roasting tin with veg and elevate the turkey on a rack right on top of them. The vegetables add great flavour to the gravy and raising the meat helps with air circulation to ensure crispiness all over.

3. Brining keeps it moist

Brining your turkey is an easy method to retain moisture and flavour. A typical brining solution contains water, salt, sugar and a variety of spices, flavourings and herbs based on the recipe you wish to follow.

4. Stuffing the turkey

If stuffing the neck end with something traditional such as sausage meat, be careful to not tear the skin. Keep a couple of cocktail sticks handy to secure any loose skin when finished stuffing. Other great stuffing options are flavours such as bay leaves, herbs, citrus fruits, and onions. As the bird roasts, these will soften and release lots of steam and keep the meat tender. Don’t forget the crucial step of weighing the bird after it’s been stuffed for accurate cooking times.

5. Let it rest

After all the hard work your turkey just did, let it rest! Cover the turkey loosely with foil and a tea towel once it’s out of the oven for a minimum of 30 mins before carving. This helps lock in those delicious juices and guarantees tender meat.

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