Every Day is Chocolate Day

What occasion is complete without the sweet taste of cocoa? Whether it’s a birthday or late winter nights that have you reaching for that piping hot drink of hot cocoa, chocolate makes everything better.

Chocolate comes from the cacao plant and has many various uses besides the sweet chocolate treat that we know of today. Cacao butter, various types of chocolate treats in different forms and even in medicine (I mean, who doesn’t feel better after a bite of chocolate)—cacao has numerous different uses.

With the holiday season upon us, and gift shopping season in full swing, it can become difficult to choose gifts for loved ones that they’ll absolutely love. However, there’s one gift that you can never go wrong with and that’s CHOCOLATE!

Chocolates at Checkout

At Checkout Superstore, we provide a wide range of chocolates for all types of budgets. Maybe you’re looking for something simple as a sweet addition to your already bought gift—a bar of their favourite Belgian chocolate? Or you want to gift your chocolate-loving sibling a hamper full of chocolates? Maybe your mum has been craving the fresh chocolates at Checkout Superstore and dropping hints left and right? What better way to surprise a chocolate loving loved one than with a hamper full of fresh chocolates!

Whatever you need, whether it’s a fancy gift hamper, a pre-packaged box of chocolates, or a few bars of chocolate goodness, we’ve got you covered.

Chocolate Hamper
Chocolate Hamper
Chocolate Hamper

Fresh Chocolates at Checkout Superstore

Our motto at Checkout Superstore has always been to support the diversity of Slough. This was one of the many reasons Checkout Superstore came into being—to be a part of our growing multi-cultural, beautifully diverse city. Hence, our fresh chocolates counter is alcohol free and vegetarian-friendly! Shop with us worry free.

Our fresh chocolates counter can package and create beautiful gift hampers that will taste as great as they look. From, mango ganache, apricot and salted caramel truffles and even chocolate covered marzipan—your options are endless. We know your mouth is watering at the sound of this.

Stop by Checkout Superstore today and buy some chocolates for loved ones and don’t forget to spoil your taste buds and buy a little pick-me up this holiday season!

Happy and safe holidays from Checkout Superstore 😊 What are your plans for the holidays this year? Let us know your favourite chocolates and what your plans are for the holidays in the comments down below.

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