International Coffee Day

Coffee at Checkout

Coffee. The aroma of coffee as you pass by a café is like none other, inviting and pulling you in for a quick cup. The fragrance alone of brewing coffee is enough to energize you. As you take in your first sip of the day, the pure cup of deliciousness fills you with joy, warming you down to your toes. Coffee lovers know this feeling well and for many, their day does not begin until they get in that cup of their favourite brew. Coffee is much more than just a caffeinated drink; it is a culture. A culture filled with coffee lovers, coffee farmers, baristas and people who gather joyously around a cup of coffee all over the world.

But, can you imagine a life where your morning cup of coffee was no longer a part of your day? Unfortunately, the challenges that coffee farmers face today have put your daily dose of caffeine at risk.

October 1st worldwide, since 2014 has been established as International Coffee Day to raise awareness about the plight that coffee farmers face. You may be wondering if there is a plight on the coffee industry, why is my local grocery store still selling an abundance of coffee? Well, the answer is simple, you may have also noticed the increasing price tag on coffee with each trip to the grocery store.

The Numbers

The truth is that whilst coffee itself is being sold globally at an all-time high, the wage of coffee farmers is lower than ever before. Coffee farmers are not earning a liveable wage. Today, coffee farmers earn less than a pound for their worldwide celebrated beans. As of July 2020, coffee exports, globally, fell by 11% according to the International Coffee Organization. To put things in perspective, this equates to 10.61 million bags of coffee!

As a result, an abundance of the younger generation of coffee growers have chosen to leave this livelihood behind in search of a more comfortable lifestyle. We don’t blame them. The younger generations need YOUR support, OUR support, so that we can continue to gather around our favourite brew. Find out more how you can support the next generation of coffee growers, maybe you’d like to become one too?

Coffee at Checkout

Nescafe Original 3-in-1, box of 28 – Find BG Food MarketplaceCheckout Superstore is hosting a sale on our coffee products in light of International Coffee Day. Visit our social media pages on Instagram and Facebook for more information on our upcoming sales. Check out our latest coffee offers

You can find the brands Kenco and Nescafe in different varieties on aisle 2. You’ll also find exquisite gold-trimmed china sets on the 2nd floor that would go great with your favourite cappuccino next time you host a gathering.

Checkout China Collection

At Checkout Superstore, we have built an in-store café in support of our cherished coffee growers. This day is dear to us as our love for coffee is never-ending. Our café and kids play area is currently closed due to COVID-19. We look forward to reopening this space so you can take a coffee break whilst keeping an eye on your children in the play area adjacent to the café. The café was created with the idea in mind of invoking feelings of relaxation and happiness in our customers. Hence, the yellow hues and inviting atmosphere of our café came to life. Visit us to shop and relax at Checkout Superstore.

Are you a coffee lover? Did you know about the struggles coffee farmers face today? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. Learn more about International Coffee Day and find out how to give back to those who supply your favourite cup of coffee.


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