Family is Everything

Checkout Superstore Opening

As many of you know, Checkout Superstore is an independent, family-owned store. It is the vision of Ashiq Abdeali; our beloved director; brought to life by working together as a family. Checkout Superstore is the continuation of the legacy of Late Akberali Abdeali, who is the family pioneer in retail business since 1973.

Checkout Superstore Opening
Mrs. Shireen Abdeali, wife of Late Akberali, commenced the opening of Checkout Superstore on August 15th 2020.

Since then, the Abdeali family have worked together, as a singular unit to provide for the needs of the many diverse and multi-cultural families residing in Slough. On the day of our grand-opening, Mrs. Shireen Abdeali, wife of Late Akberali, commenced the opening of Checkout Superstore symbolising the continuity of her husband’s legacy and signifying the anticipation and excitement that is to unfold as our doors opened to the public. Almost 25-years on, the opening of Checkout Superstore take places from the relaunch of Chalvey Supermarket at the Alexandra Plaza.

Late Abdeali Akberali
Late Abdeali Akberali cutting the ribbon alongside Late Aqeel (brother of Mr Ashiq & Mr Iqbal) at Chalvey Supermarket in Alexandra Plaza in 1996.

A Happy Place

We wanted to create a space that is not only a grab-and-go supermarket, but a space that sparks joy for anyone that walks through our doors. With two-floors of shopping which includes a kids play area, café (accessible to you once COVID-19 is a pandemic of the past), a vast car park, halal meat and poultry aisle, and so much more – we strive to create a safe and happy place for you.

You may have noticed the bright yellow we have incorporated into our logo and all throughout the store. Yellow is the colour of happiness, optimism, and positivity. The sun shines bright yellow hues as it rises each day, giving us another fresh start. This is the dream we envision for Checkout Superstore. A bright and happy place, where you can come together as a family unit and spend quality time with each other whether it be at kids play area, the café or whilst buying your children their favourite sweets.

Checkout Family Card

Another concept we created to reward our customers for their loyalty is the Checkout Family Card. We opened our doors in mid-August and since then, more than 3800 people have already signed up for our Checkout Family Card. It comes with no strings attached, no hidden fees. Without a doubt, becoming a part of the Checkout Family comes with a multitude of benefits that only amplify as you shop with us.

Celebrate with Us

Before Checkout Superstore came into being, we were known as Complete Party Services. Now, everything that was Complete Party Services is located on the 2nd floor of Checkout Superstore. From party décor, fireworks, and even personalised balloons and gifts. We want to be a part of each of your family’s precious moments, whether it be big or small. Stop by our Party Services Counter on the 2nd floor and let us help you celebrate in the best way possible.

Family – a cornerstone of society. Why is family important? Because it provides us with the framework of support we need as individuals throughout our lifetime. Our dream for Checkout Superstore is to be a part of that framework, and hope that we can continue to support the people of Slough.

Have you paid us a visit since our opening bringing along your family with you? What was your experience like? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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