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Car Park at Checkout Superstore in Slough

Checkout Superstore has been open to all customers for over a month now. What an experience it has been. We are humbled by the positive feedback we have received. Our hope is to continue to flourish because of you, for you.

Checkout Superstore is unique, unlike other superstores, we are family-owned—by the Abdeali family. Why is being family-owned unique? As a family-owned business, our superstore was created to serve your family. Hence, we set out to create a space that caters to families like yours and provides an experience of shopping that brings about a sense of tranquillity and ease of mind.

However, the hassle of finding parking in Slough is exactly that – a huge hassle. A quick errand to drop off the tux at the cleaner’s, that you wore last weekend to your best friend’s wedding, turns into an hour-long chore, where your time is wasted looking for parking! Farnham Road is one busy street, with shops lined up on all sides and only a handful of parking spaces in the shopping parade on the long road. So, it’s no wonder that locals are often frustrated with the lack of car parking spaces on Farnham Road.

With that in mind, we wanted customers to come with ease to Checkout Superstore. From mothers wrangling their children, to the elderly or disabled making their way to grab some weekly groceries, we wanted the experience from the moment they turn their vehicle into the car park to the moment they
leave, to be seamless. Thus, one of the first things we envisioned was a family store with a suitable sized and spacious car park. We are proud of our vast car park which includes 51 car parking spaces, including 2 spaces designated for cars with children, and 3 additional disabled and wheelchair accessible spaces. There are many other independent owned shops on Farnham Road, unfortunately, as parking space is difficult to acquire, they do not provide as many parking spaces as Checkout Superstore.

Disabled car park spaces at Checkout Superstore in Slough
Disabled car park spaces at Checkout Superstore in Slough

We also have two main entrances, the main entrance at the front of the store, and a second one, located at the back with the car park, which is accessible from Essex Avenue. Our entrances are wheelchair and disabled friendly, so set your worries aside next time you visit us. Don’t hesitate to bring Grandma or anyone to Checkout Superstore.

We are grateful to everyone who has visited us thus far since our doors opened in mid-August. Have you visited Checkout Superstore since it’s opening? What are your thoughts and what was your experience like? Help us improve by letting us know in the comments down below! We are dedicated to going the

extra mile in ensuring the ultimate customer experience for you.

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