Halal Meat and its Benefits

Halal meat, a growing demand. “What is halal meat?” A question we hear all too often. You may have often seen the term “halal meat” whilst browsing at your local grocery stores in the meat and poultry aisle. In short, halal means permissible, it refers to foods that Muslims consume as per their beliefs. Islam is not only a religion; it is a way of life. One of the aspects of life is food, considering that food is a tremendous part of life, Islam provides specific guidelines that govern food consumption in the Muslim community. Halal meat refers to the guidelines set by Islam for animal well-fare, slaughter and consumption. Muslims around the world consume meat and poultry prepared in a certain manner. The combination of how the animal should be slaughtered, how it should be prepared and cooked is what makes it permissible for Muslims to consume. Kosher meat is also similar in this way. Kosher meat refers to the Jewish principles of how meat should be prepared.

Many non-Muslims today, have also chosen to consume halal meat versus generic meat. Why? Due to its health benefits, hygiene and care of the animal. Halal meat is generally more tender and better for your health due to stringent procedures farmers and butchers must follow in accordance with Islamic law. The animal must be raised in ethical conditions and cannot be given any growth hormones, additives, or anything of the sort. At the time of zabiha or slaughter, the cut must be made quickly and cleanly at a specific location to allow all the blood to drain from the body. The drainage of the blood from the body prevents the blood from clotting, thus, preventing any disease from forming in the meat.

Checkout Superstore is unique in this way because we only sell halal meat. Most grocery stores usually have a small section dedicated to halal meat. However, our goal at Checkout Superstore, is to cater to a larger group of people to better serve our local community in Slough, London. We strive to deliver that and show our dedication to you.

Checkout Superstore, sources all meat locally, from farmers we know and trust. Our meat and poultry is fresh, British, and HMC verified. It is handled with the utmost care and hygiene. We have chicken, beef, mutton and lamb in a variety of forms  – including steak and chops. You can even ask our expert butchers to prepare the meat based on your needs.

What does HMC verified mean?

HMC or Halal Monitoring Committee, a non-profit organisation, assures that our meat and poultry is guaranteed halal and that we follow all the procedures and rules needed for it to remain halal. HMC is one of the most trusted organisations in the UK due to its ironclad rules. For Muslims around the world, it is of the utmost importance to consume food from trusted sources. Hence, HMC helps establish that trust. As a verified HMC stockist, we must maintain all aspects before we can sell the meat and poultry to you. From ethically sourced meat and poultry, the animal being raised in fair conditions, the slaughter taking place in accordance with Islamic law, everything must go through many checks to become HMC verified. The result is a hygienic and sanitary food source for you. For more information about HMC and their criteria, click here.

Given all of these rigorous checks it can be said that HMC certified products are generally dearer than some of the other butcher shops that choose to sell Non HMC and or Non-Halal products.

Did you learn something new today? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. Stay tuned for more upcoming blogs, recipes that’ll will show you how to cook our halal meat and poultry alongside our unique collection of spices and much more.      

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