Your Loyalty Rewarded

For over 50 years, the Abdeali family has been in the retail business. The Checkout family card was inspired by the loyalty that many customers have shown us over the years. That loyalty transformed into a loyalty program. Our loyalty card is a way for us to give back and thank you for trusting us.

Checkout Superstore is one of few supermarkets that offers a loyalty card. At no cost, the Checkout Family card membership comes with no strings attached or hidden fees. Join us worry free.

Becoming a member of the Checkout family is effortless. Sign up online or at our in-store Customer Service Desk. Upon signing up, you will receive a free Jute Bag for Life – our way of welcoming you into our family. Congratulations! You are now officially a part of the Checkout family.

Our tiered rewards system is unique amongst other loyalty cards. The more you shop with us, the greater the rewards you receive. With 18 aisles, two floors, and over 20,000 products, those rewards will be better than sweets.

Another great benefit is that you can choose a personalized rewards system. This means that you get to choose how you want to spend those rewards. Whether you want to save up your rewards for something big or use them to gift yourself for your upcoming birthday, it is yours to decide.

Not only do you get a personalized rewards system, you can also add family members to your Checkout Family card and build points together as a family. Upon signing up, you will receive a Family Card. We will shortly be introducing the key fobs as well for you to share with your family. You can also request more fobs if need be.

On top of these added benefits, you will also receive exclusive emails about upcoming offers and deals and be the first to know about what’s new at the Checkout Superstore.

You will soon be able to shop online via Customers will be able to select Checkout store products through Appy Shop, select a delivery slot and have groceries and other necessities delivered right to their doorstep.

So, why wait? Join today, and be rewarded for every egg, apple and much more at the Checkout Superstore.

3 thoughts on “Your Loyalty Rewarded

  1. Aysha Bakhi says:

    It is an absolute pleasure to shop at Check out. Very well organised, love the way the supermarket is laid out and the choice and prices. Everything under one roof, staff extremely friendly and courteous. Makes you want to go back. My fav area is meat counter, prices are great and the cleanliness and choice available is worth the effort of driving that little extra. Changed my perception of the way an Asian supermarket function.

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